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Farm To Arm - The Luxury Bag That Heals The Planet 

The 1 Atelier Farm To Arm Collection is the first-of-its-kind unisex luxury offering that is carbon negative, biodegradable and zero waste. 

Starting with leather that is sourced from regenerative farms in the Northeastern United States and vegetable-tanned by a 117-year-old American tannery using only natural ingredients, each piece is then meticulously handcrafted-to-order by the craftspeople at our workshop in the Garment District of New York City.

Already a pioneer in sustainable luxury, 1 Atelier set out to offer a beautifully designed collection that can help reverse the tremendous negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment.  We believe that our Farm To Arm collection can be a catalyst for change. 

Our mission is to heal the planet, one beautiful bag at a time. We hope you will join the movement!

Our Leather Comes From Regenerative Farms That Fight Climate Change

Our leather is sourced from Walden Farms, a cooperative of farms that raise cattle in Northeastern United States, practicing regenerative agriculture as well as the highest standards of animal welfare. 

Regenerative agriculture defines farming and grazing practices that don't just reduce the carbon emissions generated by traditional agriculture but rebuild soil organic matter and ecosystem biodiversity. 

This results in carbon capture which in turn improves water and air quality.

Mother Nature had this all figured out. We've spent years of industrial farming destroying this delicately balanced cycle - taking but not giving back.

But there is hope.  Regenerative agriculture can virtually eliminate the carbon emissions problem, and therefore reverse climate change.  

Our Supple & Luxurious Leather Is Vegetable Tanned Using Only Natural Ingredients 

Our leather is tanned by Horween Leather Company, a 117-year old tannery in the Midwest of America that has been making the world's best leathers for five generations.

The leather is tanned using vegetable liquors derived from tree barks. This method of tanning is very traditional and takes longer to achieve than conventional tanning processes that use chemicals.

The result is a leather that is chrome, heavy-metal and aldehyde-free – and thus biodegrade.

Each Bag Is Handcrafted Just For You In America

1 Atelier is the only inherently sustainable luxury brand in the world. 

We meticulously handcraft each piece to-order at our Atelier in NYC - the only luxury brand exclusively practicing on-demand production.

This means no warehouses full of leather and products typical of a luxury brand, which also means no unsold inventory - excess product that many luxury houses will incinerate, or send to landfills to the tune of 13 million tons a day.
Our Farm To Arm Collection is constructed of only natural materials - there are no synthetics nor components derived from fossil fuels. 

3 Elegant & Modern Designs That Work For All Occasions

The Farm To Arm Collection is comprised of our Small Saddle Bag, our Feed Bag and our Messenger Bag, each available in Black, Natural and Olive.

Our ingenious and simple convertible strap enables you to wear all three styles as a shoulder bag, a crossbody bag and a handheld bag.

The interior functionality keeps you organized with a large slit pocket, a smaller slit pocket, two credit card slots and a key lanyard.

The Messenger Bag fits a 16" laptop. 

Choices Are The Hinges Of Destiny

We are starting a revolution.  Regenerative agriculture can virtually eliminate the carbon emissions problem, and therefore reverse climate change.  All-natural tanning removes dangerous chemicals and metals from our products and from our food and water supply.  On-demand production eliminates millions of tons of over-production and excess fashion inventory that is burned or buried each year. 

Each one of us is an influencer, every choice we make makes a difference. We can be part of the solution, to help and to heal, to make a net-positive contribution through the choices we make. 

Choices are the hinges of destiny. We invite you to make the choice to join the Regenerative Luxury Revolution.

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